The bob haircut: creating a wild wavy effect with curling tongs

Is your bob limp and lifeless? You cannot beat a de-styled wavy effect for giving it some character! Here is a failsafe way to successfully create this look.

Texturize your hair

Opt for a duo of styling products to give your locks body. Sprinkle a texturizing powder, such as Jean Louis David’s Texture Powder, into the palm of your hand and add a few squirts of Jean Louis David’s Beach spray. This triple action salt water spray boosts volume, coats the hair fibre and improves your style’s holding power. Spread this mix from the roots down to the tips to add extra volume and give better hold to your short locks. This is the ideal recipe for giving your hair a new look!

Create the wavy effect

Separate out your fringe or a section of hair to style using curling tongs so it does not cover your eyes. Then, mark out waves in your bob. To do this, wind each section around the curling tongs to create the famous S-shaped waves. Wait for a few seconds until the heat fixes the curl and then release the strand. Mark out sections to curl with a clip if required and mix up the directions in which you form your curls for a messier look.

Give your bob a wild style

Sprinkle Texture Powder onto your hair whilst generously applying Fix Ultime extra hold hairspray. Then, ruffle up your locks by lifting them up to give a messy look to your bob whilst maximising the volume. To finish, perfect your waves by backcombing a few sections with your fingers. Grasp the tips and lift the hair up to the roots with your other hand to get wild waves in no time!

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