A closer look at the layered bob

Highly on trend and lightweight, the layered bob is one of the most sensual, rock chick versions of the iconic bob. An attractive hairstyle option which is sure to tempt you.

A smart bob that suits everyone

With a few sections that are shorter than the rest of the hair, the layered bob has more than one trick up its sleeve for working its magic on all women (and all hair types!). Thanks to its blended contours, it is much easier to wear than the blunt bob, whatever your face shape. Short or long, with pronounced or blended layers, or even focused on the sections framing your face, there are several versions of this hairstyle to meet your needs. This applies no matter what your hair type, from straight to curly and fine to thick. All you need is a personalised haircut which will give you a made-to-measure result suited to your face shape and style. This is a real godsend when it comes to adopting the bob haircut which is more on trend than ever!

Layers: what are the advantages?

– Layers lighten up bobs when put into dense and/or thick hair. This means that they avoid that dreaded ‘helmet head’ look

– By reducing your hair’s volume, layers will give extra bounce to your locks so that you can show off nice full bouncy curls in no time

– Layering also boosts limp and lifeless locks if your hairdresser focuses on layering at the roots rather than at the tips, so as not to weaken them

– It also livens up straight hair

Good to know: are you not sure whether to take the plunge and go for a bob? This layered version is the ideal alternative for making your hair look longer than it is.

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