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What kind of bob is right for my fine hair?

Bobs are high on the list of ideal haircuts for fine hair lacking in volume. However, to achieve the desired effect, you must choose the right one to suit you! Read on to find out which style of bob you should go for as a surefire way to showcase your hair type.

A layered bob specifically for fine hair

You cannot beat layers for boosting the volume of those limp and lifeless locks, provided they are skilfully cut in! To look their best, the layers should be ‘concentrated’ at the roots rather than at the tips (so as not to reduce the overall volume) or focused on the upper sections to give your locks a boost. However, you should avoid at all costs cutting layers into the sections framing the face, at the risk of overly thinning out this area and weakening your locks.

A bowl cut to structure the hair

Extremely layered at the nape of the neck, this type of short bob creates volume on top thanks to the locks which are chopped short and thus lift at the roots in the blink of an eye. This bob’s rounded lines give maximum volume to your hair. As for the long fringe, which is slightly thinned out and rounded, it accentuates volume and should start as close to the hairline as possible, so as not to thin out the hair.

A wavy bob to boost volume

Whether short or long, this style of bob allows you to keep some length whilst giving the illusion of volume thanks to clever styling. Supple and floaty, the wavy bob is a foolproof way to make the hair look like it has lots of volume. Texturize your locks first, to thicken them, and then scrunch, wave and backcomb your hair to get a big wavy bob. An essential tip? Mark out a side parting to accentuate the hairstyle’s movement even more.

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