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Which techniques should I be using to create a wavy bob
Which techniques should I be using to create a wavy bob
Which techniques should I be using to create a wavy bob

Which techniques should I be using to create a wavy bob?

When the summer season arrives, everyone wants to create beach-inspired waves. There’s now good news: you can even create this look with a bob, and the effect will last a lot longer than with longer hair. Discover the different techniques to create soft, natural waves for this summer.
The new S-Wave treatment, exclusive to Jean Louis David salons, is a great way to create beautiful waves. ‘This temporary treatment lasts around 6 weeks, after which hair will relax and resume its natural texture. This look takes no time at all to create in the salon and with minimum day-to-day upkeep. To style your hair each morning, spritz Beach Spray throughout the lengths or use a styling mousse. The more you style your hair, the longer the effect will last over time’.
Super-soft hair can now create beachy waves simply by using a styling product on its own. ‘If you have a sleek bob, you can create curls by using Beach Spray. On damp hair, twist small sections and dry using a diffuser. Twist each section around your fingers, heat and then release to create minimal frizz. For optimum results, tip your hair upside down to lift your roots. If you prefer to style your hair dry, use the same technique but apply more product’.
You can also create luscious waves using a large barrelled curling iron. ‘You can use this technique if you have a lot of time to spare! For a long-lasting effect, spray each individual strand with with Fix Ultime before styling’.
Our advice: You can create waves if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. Any shorter than this and the effect will not last as long and will lose its impressive end result. Be patient and wait until your hair grows a few more inches before trying to create this look.
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