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Find out about the current fringe trend.
Find out about the current fringe trend.

2016 trend: the asymmetrical fringe, should you try it?

The asymmetrical fringe is one of the essential trends of 2016. Hardly surprising as it makes your eyes stand out and adds a modern touch to any hairstyle. Before you succumb to this look, here is everything you should know.

An asymmetric fringe, what is it exactly?

By definition, the asymmetrical fringe is irregular. It is characterised by an almost diagonal line which starts at the forehead and finishes level with your eyes. Its unstructured aspect makes it a fringe which is full of movement. To create it, your hairdresser must use a layering technique. They can also thin out the hair at the tips to reduce the hair's thickness.

Who is this fringe meant for?

This fringe suits all lengths of hair, whether you have a boyish haircut or XXL hair. It is brilliant at accentuating a short haircut, boosting a bob or enhancing long hair. Its modern look is one of its main assets... taking the severe edge off certain haircuts and giving them a light, original rock element.

How can I wear this fringe?

As it plays with lines, it perfectly stands out on straightened hair. However, its shape is hard to spot on curly hair. Therefore, it is not recommended for curly or frizzy locks.

As for colour, the asymmetrical fringe goes perfectly with colouring techniques such as streaks or highlights. They add maximum relief, light and different nuances into your hair. Finally, for make-up, feel free to emphasise your eyes in an intense way.

How can I maintain my fringe?

At home, will you use straighteners to straighten your fringe? Before you straighten, always apply Thermo-Active Brilliant Shine Leave-In Treatment from the Keratin Therapy range. By doing this, you will protect the hair fibre from high temperatures, so you can preserve your hair's vitality long term. Finally, if you wish to keep a distinct asymmetrical fringe, visit your hairdresser regularly.


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