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Retro looks are on trend
Retro looks are on trend
Retro looks are on trend

A 2017 trend: the bowl cut


From pin-up curls to full-on fringes, several retro haircuts are making a comeback on the catwalk in 2017. Among them is the bowl cut, which is getting a much softer look this year. So, should you succumb to this style?

The bowl cut makes you think of Purdey in The Avengers - the pretty Joanna Lumley who went on to star in Absolutely Fabulous...Back then, her round blonde haircut was irresistible. Here is how to wear it this season to create a look to die for.

Be bowled over by this fabulous look

This classic hairstyle does not suit everyone. For example, it accentuates the roundness of the face. However, it softens the angles of the chin and square faces. In terms of texture, its graphic shape requires a good amount of volume and relatively fine hair. Finally, for a perfect finish, the bowl cut requires perfect blow-dry styling, so a minimum amount of time devoted to styling it is needed every day.

An impeccable bowl cut

To successfully straighten your hair, start by applying a thermo-active treatment which will protect your locks from the heat and will help your blow-dried style hold. To make this task easier, fix your hair at the top of your head with hair clips, then let down the strands at the nape of the neck and on the sides. This will be your starting point. Take one strand and place the brush underneath to round the hair inwards. Start from the roots moving down towards the tips using a round hairbrush - this is essential for creating the bowl effect. Dry your locks, moving the brush down, following it with the hairdryer as you brush. Repeat this process all over your hair, gradually releasing more strands from the clips. Make sure you roll the tips inwards each time. Finish off with the fringe, which should be rounded but not too high up. Finally, apply hairspray to ensure your hairstyle holds. If you cannot create a supple hairstyle which holds, entrust it to your hairdresser for a much safer bet.

Variations. The advantage of this haircut is that, like several bobs, it allows you to play with different looks. For a more preppy style, you can flatten down the front section to one side with a flat hairpin. Some gel applied all over your hair creates a guaranteed dandy style...it's all down to you to experiment!

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO