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The A-Line Bob
The A-Line Bob
The A-Line Bob

The A-Line Bob

The bob remains a timeless essential. This very feminine short cut comes in several lengths and shapes to suit all tastes. Focus on the A-line bob.
The Cut. The bob is a rather short cut which is full on all sides and finishes at the chin. The A-line bob, however, is short at the back and longer at the front. This is an unstructured cut, full of volume, that you can tailor to your taste since the gradient between the front and back is not set. For a designer look, you can leave very long strands at the front so they really contrast with the back of the cut. All types of hair and face shapes can look great with an A-line bob: fine hair in order to gain volume, straight hair for more structure, and even wavy hair for a pretty modern bohemian look. However, those with curly and frizzy hair should stay away from this cut to avoid the poodle look…
With or without a fringe. Again, this cut isn’t set; so a fringe with an A-line bob should not be ruled out! It’s very trendy and you can personalise it for a cut that suits you. Thin fringes are best as they provide a really natural tousled look. It softens facial features and can be placed to the side if your hair is wavy. Work it with a styling mousse.
Looking after your A-line bob. The advantage of this cut is its daily styling and maintenance level. The A-line bob falls into place quickly and easily so you don’t have to spend ages in the bathroom. To keep it in great shape, go back to your hairdresser every 2 or 3 months. At home, blow-dry for soft hair, use a straightening iron for ultra-straight hair, or work it with your fingers for wavy hair.
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