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Streetstyle: the wavy bob
Streetstyle: the wavy bob
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Streetstyle: the wavy bob

What was once a must-have summer hairstyle has now turned into one of our staple winter looks. Now, there is no need to wait until next June to wear your favourite wavy short style. Wavy hair will look right on-trend this year with bob hairstyles.
The hairstyle. A messy short bob. To create this look you don’t need to have naturally curly hair. Wave enhancing treatments are now available at Jean Louis David salons, or you can simply curl your hair at home using a curling iron, by wrapping large sections of hair around the barrel.  It is much easier to create these messy waves on hair that is already cut into a bob style. All you need is a curl-enhancing product to create beautiful waves, especially if your hair is already healthy and soft. Apply Perfect Curls Mousse to wet hair to give your hair body before styling with your hairdryer and curling iron.
The look. Girly and feminine, combining mustardy and china-grey colours, which are set to be huge this season. Thanks to today’s surprisingly pleasant weather, our streetstyle pick today has paired a short dress with a cute cape; a dream piece that every girl should have in her wardrobe. On her feet are wedge-heeled boots, which match her cape. There’s nothing like colour coordinating your shoes and coat for a chic look.
Tip of the day. Wavy hair looks great on short hair, and the effect looks even better with dip-dyed ends. Try a natural look with different undertones and shades of your natural colour, which will make your hair appear fuller and instantly lift your style.
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