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Tips on how to trade in your long locks for a short haircut without a glitch
Tips on how to trade in your long locks for a short haircut without a glitch
Tips on how to trade in your long locks for a short haircut without a glitch

Haircuts: making the transition from XXL to cropped locks in 3 steps


Trading in your long locks for an ultra-short haircut with no regrets is possible, if you do a few things beforehand. We take a closer look at 3 essential steps which are not to be skipped if you wish to successfully change your haircut.

1. Tie your hair back

To avoid getting that "naked" feeling once you've had your long locks chopped off, get used to keeping the hair out of your face and no longer feeling your locks brushing your shoulders by tying your hair up into a chignon on a daily basis. Opt for a low chignon located at the base of your neck rather than a top knot, as with a high bun you will still be able to see your locks. This is the best way to get used to your new short haircut and to see if you want to go for this style in the long term.

2. Get your hair cut in stages

Trading in your XXL locks for a pixie crop can be a shock for both you and your loved ones. Instead of going for a radical change, opt for several transitional haircuts to help you get used to the idea and so that you have no regrets (or tears). Start by getting your hair cut into a mid-length bob before going for a shorter haircut. The longer your hair is to begin with, the more important these transitional haircuts are to help you gradually reach your desired result. This also means you can go back on your decision more quickly if need be!

3. Find the ideal short haircut

This is why getting a hairdresser to cut your hair is essential. Only a hairdresser can advise you as to which haircut will suit your face shape and match your desired look. The advantage of having extremely short locks is that it will cut down on styling time in the mornings. However, the hairdresser is there to make sure that your hair type is suited to your new chosen style. Depending on your hair type, your hairdresser can either leave in longer sections to create an asymmetrical look or keep a sembance of "volume" on top.

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