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Hair colouring

Hair colouring trend: the reverse ombré

After the dip dye trend, which lightened your tips and came in an ultra-bright version full of colours, we are now taking a closer look at a stunning new variation: the reverse ombré!

What is it?

It is a two-tone colouring treatment, just like a standard ombré dip dye, but with the lighter colour going from the roots down to the mid-lengths and a darker shade from the mid-lengths down to the tips. It is the reverse of the original ombré, hence its name! With a contrast with varying levels of blending, this amazing colouring technique allows you to rock platinum roots which progress down to chestnut locks with light brown tips.

Who is it for?

The reverse ombré suits all bases provided that you choose the right colour to give your locks a new look: a shade of hazel to darken a blond, auburn on strawberry blond or a caramel shade at the roots on a brown base.

However, do not go for this lightening technique if you have a short haircut, as you need a certain amount of length to create this colourful look.

How should you rock this look depending on your base?

This version of the dip dye, also known as a reverse balayage, is achieved either by blending darker strands from the mid-lengths down to the tips to darken them, or by lightening your hair at the roots. On a light base, go for a balayage colouring technique. For brown hair, bleaching your locks is required to rock blond at the roots! More upkeep is required so you should be prepared for regular touch-ups at the salon, as soon as your hair grows out, to keep it looking flawless.

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