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Colour trend: dip dye
Colour trend: dip dye
Colour trend: dip dye
Hair colouring

Colour trend: dip dye

This summer, give your hair a burst of sun and golden highlights. How? With the latest colour trend: dip dye. First spotted on all the celebs, the XXL roots effect should by no means be confined to the red carpets!
Dip dye? This highlighting technique is a great way of getting sun-kissed hair without having to go on holiday! At Jean Louis David, we use the Sunlight service to get this result. The Sunlight service involves turning the mid-lengths to the ends two to three tones lighter than the rest of the hair for a sun-drenched effect. The roots are left naturally darker. The dip dye must be subtle to achieve a natural effect and so that it doesn’t stand out too boldly against the natural colour. The aim of this technique is natural, as if the sun did all the work!
Who does the dip dye suit? Everyone! This ultra-natural highlighting technique works with all hair colours. However, it tends to look best on mid-length to long hair for that real sun-kissed effect and to add texture to the hair. On shorter hair, the dip dye might just give the impression of bad roots! Although roots are the name of the game with this style, they’ve got to be deliberately overstated!
Styling ideas. Show off your dip dye with loose, delicately waved hair. Waves let your lighter ends and mid-lengths intertwine with the rest of your hair for a natural, sun-drenched look. Give your hair a quick dry off upside down, and then roll large pieces of hair around your curling tongs. Choose a large diameter for loose waves. Repeat throughout your hair.
How to look after your dip dye. For long-lasting shiny, healthy hair, make sure you pamper your mid-lengths and ends as you would with coloured hair. Keep them hydrated with a mask for coloured hair, and give your ends some TLC with a hydrating serum, for example. Also, when heading to the beach this summer, don’t forget your sun protector spray. Apply to hair generously and regularly to keep it hydrated and feeling soft.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO