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Grey hair: yes or no?
Grey hair: yes or no?
Grey hair: yes or no?
Hair colouring

Grey hair: yes or no?

Opting to go grey isn’t an easy choice to make. However, when done professionally, grey can look very chic. You simply need to consider that getting to your ideal shade of grey will take time. Let’s take a closer look at the grey color trend.
Warning: coloring your hair grey could turn out to be a disaster! ‘To achieve our model's look, you will need to strip your hair of its existing color. Your base cannot be any darker than a light blonde if you want this pale nuance of grey. Redheads will really struggle to nail this look’.
Remember that although coloring your hair grey might not be risky if done by a stylist, it will take a few salon appointments to achieve your desired color. ‘Getting the perfect, on-trend grey shade takes time, and can only be done properly in salons. Trying this DIY look at home could go horribly wrong as you firstly need to strip your existing color, then apply a product to help develop your new color. If you don’t get the right formula and measurements, you could end up with dark grey or even a green-ish tint which isn’t a good look on anybody’.
During the 90s, this look was extremely popular. ‘Men in particular were after the ‘silver fox’ effect which was fashionable at the time. Another thing to consider is that the grey color will appear more distinctive on short hair’.
Our advice: Make sure you can commit to heading back to your salon for follow-up appointments. Avoid this shade if your hair is long, as the process will be very time-consuming. The Colour Therapy range will not be enough to prevent color fade as grey is a tricky hue to perfect and maintain.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO