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Dip dye for blondes
Dip dye for blondes
Dip dye for blondes
Hair colouring

Dip dye for blondes

You’ve most likely spotted the dip dye look on brunettes, as it is easier to create this two tone effect on hair that is naturally dark. However, blondes can work the dip dye trend as well! The only difference is that the contrast between the two colours will be more subtle and natural.
The trend. This look is very similar to the dip dye trend that brunettes have been wearing for months now. If your hair is naturally blonde, your stylist will need to pay special attention to how light you want to go. Although lightening brown hair is quite noticeable, the effect is much more subtle for blondes. Discuss your colour change with your stylist in depth to explain the depth of colour change you want to create.
Who can wear dip dye hair? If your hair is naturally a medium blonde shade, you should stay away from high maintenance highlights which take a lot of upkeep. The dip dye trend means you can lighten your hair without having to book endless salon appointments for root touch ups. Dip dye leaves your hair with a gradual colour change from the mid lengths to the ends.
How to wear the look. Again, you need to discuss your desired look with your stylist first to make sure you get the look you are after. Some blondes prefer to darken their base colour before applying the dip dye in order to enhance the difference between the two colours. Others prefer to keep their natural colour so that the dip dye effect is more subtle and natural. Darkening your base colour, however, means you will still have to go to the salon to cover up your light roots every 6 to 8 weeks, whereas a more natural colour change requires less upkeep and trips to the hairdresser.
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