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A good idea? Blonde to jet black…
A good idea? Blonde to jet black…
A good idea? Blonde to jet black…
Hair colouring

A good idea? Blonde to jet black…

You’ve got your heart set on your color transformation and are ready to take the plunge: going from your natural blonde shade to a heavenly jet-black. Good news...there’s no problem when it comes to dyeing light hair a darker color! Discover our top tips to get the best color finish available.
Your stylist will complete your color change in 2 stages which will take time and expertise. ‘Firstly, they will need to strip your hair of any existing color to prepare for the darker color. Next, the jet-black shade will be applied. These two stages are very different from one another yet are relatively simple to achieve in the hands of a professional. However, reversing this process is a different story. Make sure you’ve thought long and hard about your transformation. If you thought of the idea on a whim, don’t commit to such an intense shade. If you happen to change your mind and aren’t keen on your new hue, reversing your color back to its natural shade can be a nightmare’.
Once your color has been applied and you’ve allowed your hair to settle, you’ll need to make regular salon appointments with your stylist. ‘They will need to touch-up your roots whilst giving your locks a healthy shine. Don’t panic however, as only your roots will need to be re-colored each time. At the beginning however, you must see a professional to ensure a correct color match and expert finish’.
Our advice: Whilst getting your new color, why not try out a shorter style too? If your hair is super long, reversing your color change will be a painstakingly long process. You’ll need to strip your locks and use harsh products to remove this ultra-dark shade, without any guaranteed results. Make sure you’re 100% sure about your new color before committing to the upkeep to ensure your hair stays healthy!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO