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40s hairstyles
40s hairstyles
40s hairstyles

40s hairstyles

We’ve introduced you 20s hairstyles and 70s hairstyles, now we show you the styles that symbolise the 1940s. A decade known for the Second World War. After 1945, women were looking for freedom and independence. Their looks turned more glamorous and hairstyles more refined and modern.
The perm. Today the perm has lost its appeal. But back in the day this styling technique was all the rage! Great for creating curls or simply adding a bit of long-lasting movement to your hair, the perm is a basic technique that women just loved. Regular visits to the hairdresser were necessary to maintain their perms.
Hollywood curls (and its many varieties). The 40s saw the birth of sculpted, wispy curls. Created via a perm, define your curls using rollers or curling tongs. These curls can be worn on long hair pulled over to one shoulder in the spirit of the side-hair trend. If you have mid-length hair, create them on the mid-lengths and ends. Accessorise with a side fringe or slick down the top of the style.
The pin-up turban. The dazzling success of pin-ups would continue until the 70s. Though pin-ups as we know them don’t really exist anymore, many of you love copying their hairstyles. To do it like they did, wear a retro turban! This is usually worn with French rolls or a rolled fringe.
The body-boosted blow-dry. To get your hair looking full of volume, the body-boosted blow-dry is your best bet! Backcombing hadn’t yet taken off. Greta Garbo and Ava Gardner were crazy about this style. To do it on your own hair, you’ll need a large, round brush to lift the roots and pull the front pieces back.
The rolled fringe. This style consists of a sort of victory roll on the top of the head and is very symbolic of the 1940s. Either work this rolled fringe like you would a quiff, accentuating its rounded side. Or, create it like you would a victory roll, but position it on the front of your head. This ultra-emblematic fringe was a firm favourite of the pin-up girls.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO