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Retro accessory: the turban
Retro accessory: the turban
Retro accessory: the turban
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Retro accessory: the turban

Whether we’re talking about fashion, beauty or hair styling, retro is all the rage! The 20s, 40s, 50s and 60s are making a bold comeback and are huge sources of inspiration. The world of hair styling is absolutely loving this revival of retro accessories, and this can be seen at Luca Luca, where the turban represents both vintage and glamour. Here’s how to pull it off.

Which version for which style? For a foolproof look, make sure you put lots of thought into your choice of turban (or scarf). First of all, it needs to match your outfit. For a smart and sophisticated look, go for simple colours that complement your clothes. If you want to make a statement, go for ethnic, floral or graphic prints.

Who for? For a retro and glamorous look à la Luca Luca, the turban should be worn on loose, preferably long, hair. If you want to add waves, even better! Lightly backcomb your hair at the roots to add volume, and then use wide-barrelled curling tongs to create cute waves.

Wear a scarf as a turban. The advantage of a scarf is that it can be worn in a number of different ways. Choose a long scarf, and then start by folding it lengthways a few times so that it is not too wide. Next, wrap the scarf around your head starting at the nape of your neck, bringing it round and crossing the two ends over, and twisting, on the top of your head. Wrap the scarf back round to the nape of your neck and secure.

The ready-to-wear turban. With retro accessories back in again, you’ll have no trouble finding turbans that you can slip on without preparation. Choose versions accessorised with jewels, sequins or pearls for a touch of originality. Style your hair by creating a middle-parting, and then slide your turban onto your head.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO