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1920s hairstyles
1920s hairstyles
1920s hairstyles
Styles and trends

1920s hairstyles

The 20s marked a turning point for women thirsty for independence. Everything got shorter! Skirts, dresses and hair included. The roaring twenties questioned the status quo and gave way to a changing society. We take a look back at some of the hairstyles and accessories that came out of this decade.
Crimps or finger waves.  In the 20s, finger waves were ultra-chic and worn preferably on short or mid-length hair. If you have long hair, go for crimps at the top of your hair rather than the mid-lengths and ends. To create them, apply styling mousse and position two or three hair slides horizontally against your head. Leave to dry and you’re left with perfect 20s waves!
Jewelled headbands. Choose from a number of different versions to suit your style. In the 20s the headband was elegant and chic, created using noble materials such as pearls and lace. It was worn towards the front of the head, sometimes even horizontally across the forehead. Sometimes ultra-thin and ultra-subtle to blend into the hair.
The short bob. This has got to be one of the most iconic cuts of the 1920s! Louise Brooks knew it more than anyone. With or without a fringe, this structured, blunt bob finishes just below the ears. No more long hair or fixed styles, women wanted to show that they were men’s equal by imitating their style (almost)!
The cloche hat. This was definitely the “it” head accessory of the time! The hat, which sits perfectly on any woman’s head and reaches down to the eyebrows, was soon adopted by those sporting the bob, the boy-cut of the time!
The twenties chignon. A hairstyle that combines waves and a romantic chignon for a result which is both tousled and sophisticated. This works best on mid-length to long hair. Start by creating waves (these needn’t be well defined) using two or three flat hair clips, wait until your hair is dry then remove them. Pull the rest of your hair to one side and gently twist the mid-lengths and ends. Work into a loose chignon and secure in place.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO