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Hair colouring

Which colouring techniques will enhance my brown hair?

Beautiful brunette hair should above all be luminous, shiny and full of health. Take a closer look at two colouring techniques exclusive to Jean Louis David, specifically designed to boost your hair’s radiant shine! Discover which one is made for you.

The Gloss treatment for a shiny effect

This technique is perfect if you wish to preserve your natural brown colour. To achieve this, your hairdresser will apply a tone-on-tone colour to the superficial part of your hair shaft. It allows you to obtain ultimate shine for several weeks. It can also add tones to your hair using ultra-fine highlights. The good news: it adapts to all colours, textures and hair types.

Our advice: a Gloss treatment is enough in itself to revive your brown hair’s shine. However, it can be used as a finish AND as a complement to classic colouring.


The Sunlight treatment for lighter highlights

Like the Contrast treatment, this lightening technique adorns your hair with luminous highlights for an immediate “sun-kissed” effect. The difference? It has been designed mainly for dark hair. If you want to try it out, always opt for a strand colour which is one to four tones lighter than your base. This guarantees a natural finish.

Our advice: lighten your light brown hair using hazelnut, caramel or golden streaks. As for darker brown hair, opt for auburn, mahogany or copper-coloured highlights instead.


How do I maintain my coloured brown hair?

Take care of your hair both at home and in the salon. You are lucky: the Gloss and Sunlight treatment age really well with time, as they are temporary colouring techniques which gradually fade when you shampoo your hair. Furthermore, the level of oxidation is so low that you will not get the obvious “roots effect”. Visit your hair salon every 3 months to revive your hair’s radiant shine. At home, use products from the Color Therapy range for healthy and shiny hair which lasts for days.

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