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The “mop” fringe
The “mop” fringe
The “mop” fringe

The “mop” fringe

Many of you would love a fringe, but you’re not so game to have to style or maintain it every day! Why not use the ends of your hair to create a hassle-free fringe? Here’s how.


Trendy fringes. Trends change as easily as your tastes. But your hair can’t keep up with your whims as it only grows around 1 to 1.5cm a month, no more. So don’t get a fringe if you know full well that you’ll have had enough of it in a month’s time. Opt instead for a full fringe or side fringe, longer fringes that you can style differently depending on your mood.
The “mop” fringe. Or the false fringe that sweeps across your forehead! To create this fringe, your hair needs to be long enough to pull your ends over your forehead. The base style will depend on your styling skills. At Simone Rocha they start with the braided French twist. Style your hair with a brush and pull it back and secure with bungee bands. Then pull your mid-lengths over the top of your head, and your ends over your forehead. To make sure it all stays in place, fix the hair on the top of your head in place, where your fringe would start. Let your ends fall over your forehead, just enough so it doesn’t stop you from seeing. Even though this fringe has a neo-grunge, punk vibe to it, this doesn’t mean we want to see damaged, split ends. Look after your ends by treating them with hydrating products and having them trimmed regularly.
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