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The curtain fringe
The curtain fringe
The curtain fringe

The curtain fringe

Along with the wispy fringe, the curtain fringe is one of the most popular fringes! We love its fullness, which gives personality to both you and your hairstyle. Here’s a closer look at this fringe for autumn-winter 2012!
The curtain fringe. Full, deep, long, structured… The curtain fringe is disconcertingly simple yet many adjectives can be used to describe it! This straight, thick fringe gives a little life to plain cuts and can also be worn on highly structured cuts, such as the straight retro bob, ultra-straight long hair or an A-line bob.
Who does it suit? The curtain fringe looks best on straight or flexible hair, as well as thick hair. This is because to create this full, thick fringe, you need to have a lot of hair! If you have fine hair, stick to wispy fringes or side fringes.
Styling your curtain fringe. The curtain fringe is straight and stops just above the eyebrows. There isn’t a huge variety of ways to wear it, it is simply worn straight. It covers your forehead and enhances a simple hairstyle. It can be worn on loose, perfectly straightened hair, or with a half ponytail. The fringe adds a rock touch to this classic, chic hairstyle. For a sportier look, go for a high ponytail. And finally, for a romantic effect, create a loose braid.
Looking after your fringe. This fringe requires a lot of upkeep as it is full and blunt. Not a hair should be out of place! Visit your hairdresser regularly so that it maintains its perfect shape. And to make sure it stays nice and sleek and free from frizz, spray hairspray onto a comb and use it to style your fringe.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO