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The side fringe
The side fringe
The side fringe

The side fringe

When it comes to the fringe, you don’t have to go the whole hog: why not try the side fringe! Still not sure? The side fringe is a lot easier to style and requires a lot less upkeep than a full fringe. To stand out this season, go for the side fringe.
Side fringe vs. full fringe. The side fringe might just replace the full fringe this season! Fashionistas have realised that it’s more flexible, it’s easier to style and is therefore more suited to any woman’s busy schedule. The advantage of the side fringe is its length! You can slide it behind your ears when you’ve had enough of it in your eyes. The side fringe is also less fixed than the full fringe and softens your features.
Styling the side fringe. Its length allows you to play around with different styles. To keep it under control, style using hairspray and a comb. Spray hairspray onto the comb and style as you would normally. This will smooth out the fringe and get rid of any frizz. To add volume, try backcombing. Finally, if you’re a fan of super straight hair, simply get out your straighteners and use them on your fringe.
How to wear it for different styles? For the sweet and innocent effect, straighten it all over and leave it loose. For a preppier version, try tying it back, creating a rounded shape with your fringe before pulling it back and securing with an XXL hair slide. For a more classic look, pin it out of your face using hair grips, camouflaging them in your hair. Finally, for a rock chic effect, backcomb your side fringe and leave it loose around your face.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO