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How to use your straighteners properly
How to use your straighteners properly

How to use your straighteners properly

For healthy, straight hair, you need to choose the right straighteners and make sure you use them properly. Here’s some advice.
Before getting out your straighteners, start by pre-drying your hair using a hair dryer. Ideally, your hair should be 95% dry. “Some straighteners can be used on wet hair, but the results are better on dry hair and there is less damage to your hair’s fibres.”
Next, apply a thermo-protector straightening spray in order to protect your hair from the heat of the straighteners. This will also provide better straightening results! “Once your hair is almost dry, spray each section of hair three times. Comb it through to ensure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair and voilà, you are ready to move on to the most important step: straightening.”
Once your straighteners are plugged in and have heated up, you can start straightening your hair. Choose thin sections of hair to make the process easier and to get better results.
Start at the roots and, slowly but surely, pull the straighteners down to the ends. “The aim is to only straighten each section of hair once, leaving your hair perfectly straight and avoiding unnecessary heat damage.”
Once you are done with the straighteners, wait until they have cooled down before putting them away. Avoid storing them in damp rooms, such as the bathroom. You don’t want to risk damaging the electric circuits. Don’t roll the wire around the straighteners, this could also cause damage.
Our tip: To get sleek, straight hair and avoid damage to your hair, use continuous movements and don’t leave the straighteners on the hair too long. Three seconds is more than enough. Always straighten your hair from underneath first, starting from the nape of your neck.
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