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The bobby-pin hairstyle
The bobby-pin hairstyle
The bobby-pin hairstyle

The bobby-pin hairstyle

This original hairstyle is perfect for attention seekers and anyone who likes to make a statement. The only requirement of this hairstyle is that you have long, thick hair. Fine hair won’t hold the clips as well, meaning you could end up looking a tad lop-sided. The pros give their verdict on the bobby-pin style spotted on the Emporio Armani catwalk.
This technique is often used in studios to create super frizzy hair. ‘If you like crimp-style hair, this look is perfect for you. After applying your styling mousse, take a bobby pin and then twist small strands of hair around it. Use this technique on the whole of the head, then blast with a hairdryer. Take out your hair pins to reveal hair that is similar to 70s style, frizzy waves'.
The Emporio Armani runway sent models down the catwalk at the preparation stage, and chose not to unravel their hair pins. ‘Each section of hair had been twisted to make it look like the models had short hair. However, when you unravel your pins, the result is simply divine. If you want to add more volume, use slightly larger sections or hair for your twists'.
Don’t attempt this look without having a friend on standby to help you out with the back.‘The actual technique is not difficult to replicate at home, however reaching the back of your head will be tough. This really is a versatile trick as it means you can wear a quirkly look through the day whilst your curls set, then come night you can unravel your preparation and show off your beautiful retro, flouncy curls'.
Our tip: Styling mousse is key to creating this hairstyle. Even if you use lashings of hairspray, your hair simply won’t hold if you haven’t used a mousse, as this creates a base for your hair to hold onto throughout the day.
© Pixelformula /Emporio Armani prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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