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Straight ombré hair
Straight ombré hair
Straight ombré hair

Straight ombré hair

Some trends last longer than others. Ombré hair is one of these trends, and is still popular at runway shows and in hairstyle magazines. When done properly, the gradual color change from dark to light will suit almost anyone.
It’s easier to lighten the hair when the base color is brown. ‘It’s always easier to lighten a client’s hair when their natural hair color is brown. We lighten the ends especially to create the ombré effect. The color change is gradual and is created in the Jean Louis David salon’s using a 3-in-1 technique. The effect is subtle and ends appear much lighter. In fact, we create the ombré look in two stages. Firstly, we lighten all of the hair, and then do a second stage to really focus the color onto the ends.’
For this look, the hair is straight and features layers. ‘This style is perfect for ombré hair, however there are other hairstyles which will show off your new color with similar results. Wavy or curly hair work just as well. What’s important is that your ombré color is applied correctly, not your hairstyle choice. The hairstyle featured in this article however, does look great paired with ombré locks and really enhances the two tone effect’.
A bob also looks great worn with ombré hair. ‘Of course, short hair can wear the ombré trend too! Your stylist should be able to apply your color so that the effect is natural and gradual, not a stark contrast between the two sections. As long as your hair is short and has layers, the effect will be beautiful’.
Our tip: Make sure you take care of your color daily by using hydrating products such as the Colour Therapy range, to keep your color looking vibrant. Hair is instantly more nourished and healthy, meaning your color looks salon-fresh.
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