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Is Sunset Light right for my hair?
Is Sunset Light right for my hair?
Is Sunset Light right for my hair?
Hair colouring

Is Sunset Light right for my hair?

Sunset Light is an exclusive coloring technique created in Jean Louis David salons. Our pro reveals all...
Sunset Light gives hair a sun-kissed glow. ‘We created this technique taking direct inspiration from the haute-couture runway shows where models were frequently spotted wearing this look. The technique adds dimension thanks to targeted lightening. The color treatment is not a block color, however; the under sections of the hair are lightened whilst the upper sections are slightly darker. The end result is a sunset-type effect, which is how we ended up with the name Sunset Light!’
We recommend a certain hair length for optimum results. ‘This technique is ideal for women with mid and long-length hair which should at least be hitting your shoulders. What’s more, styles without layers are best suited to this coloring technique so that the colors blend more naturally into one another. The end-result is chic and subtle whilst giving your overall look a hint of originality’.
Our advice: Super natural, Sunset Light is perfect if you want to lighten up your style. Once you’ve applied your color, you can style however you like. Try incorporating products from the Color Therapy range into your haircare routine to keep your highlights looking fresh and vibrant. The good news is that this technique is easily reversible if you decide that it’s not for you.
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