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How to get wavy hair without using curling tongs
How to get wavy hair without using curling tongs
How to get wavy hair without using curling tongs

How to get wavy hair without using curling tongs

With its happy-go-lucky, bohemian effect, wavy hair is the perfect hairstyle for this summer season. And the good news is, you don’t need curling tongs to create it. Here’s a look at the different ways to create wavy hair without using curling tongs.
Most of the time, waves created with straighteners last just as long as those created with curling tongs. “Using straighteners will give you chunky spirals. Before using them, apply a mousse to help the curls stay in. Once you’re done, work your fingers through them to create loose waves rather than tight curls. The heat from your straighteners provides long-lasting shape, a bit like ironing!”
Velcro rollers are another good way to create wavy hair. “Roll your hair around the rollers vertically. Leave them in and use your hairdryer to accentuate the rollers’ effect. Roughen up your curls using your fingers for a natural effect.”
These two techniques offer wavy hair that can last all day as long as you prep your hair in the right way. “Apply a mousse before using your straighteners or rollers. When you’ve created your curls, spray a generous layer of hairspray across the whole style to make sure the effect lasts from morning ‘til evening.”
Our tip: If you decide to use velcro rollers to create your style, choose a width to suit the length of your hair. The longer your hair, the chunkier your rollers should be.
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