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How to create surfer-girl waves
How to create surfer-girl waves
How to create surfer-girl waves

How to create surfer-girl waves

The sun, the sea, the sand. Well, we can dream! Although it may still be early to be thinking about our next holiday, we can start planning and wearing summer-inspired hairstyles, which is certainly the case for wavy hair. As well as the new exclusive S-Wave treatment available in Jean Louis David salons, a new salt-based spray, using Brazilian water as its key ingredient, is now available in our salons.
Soft hair tends to curl naturally when swimming in the sea due to the humidity and water. ‘This is due to the salt that gets into your hair and creates waves. The salt dries, crystallizes and forms beachy waves. This is why your hair tends to curl more on holiday’.
Beachspray, the exclusive new leave-in product from Jean Louis David helps to re-create this effect. ‘The main ingredient is Brazilian ocean water, which is rich in salt and helps mould the hair into luscious waves. Only a small amount is needed to create your desired look. The sea-spray scent will instantly transport your senses to an exotic holiday destination’.
There are two ways to use the Beachspray. ‘You can spray directly onto damp hair and then dry your hair with a hairdryer to create natural, scrunchy curls. Or, the second option is to apply to hair that is almost dry. Simply tip your head upside down and use a gentle heat on your hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Twist your hair into whichever sized curls you prefer using your fingers, then heat and relax in room-temperature air to set the curl. Try not to touch your hair too much as this can disturb the waves'.
Our tip: Once you have finished styling, take the strands of hair around your face and twist again with your fingers, drying each strand individually to create a more defined effect in this area.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO