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Choosing the right hair dryer
Choosing the right hair dryer

Choosing the right hair dryer

Your hair dryer will be with you every day for several years, so choosing the right one is an important decision. Several factors must be taken into account, including weight, power, accessories and even its airflow. Here are some expert tips to help you choose.
A heavier hair dryer is bulkier and will undoubtedly be more tiring to use. “You typically hold your hairdryer with your arm extended. If it’s too heavy, you will quickly have had enough and rush through the drying or styling as a result.”
Regarding the strength of the airflow, your hair dryer needs to have different speeds. You can then decide which to use depending on what you want to do with it. “If you are blow-drying, you need a professional dryer with a strong air release. To dry your hair naturally, a basic dryer will work perfectly.” Avoid using the highest speed if you have curly hair as a strong air flow has a tendency to relax the hair.
Another factor which should not be neglected is the heat. As with the air flow, dryers have several settings which allow you to choose the most appropriate temperature. Hot air is for drying and styling hair, cold air should only be used for the finishing touches. “It is typically in the form of a button which can be pressed for a short usage. Once the hair is dry, use it to give a blast of cold air on the parts of hair which you have worked on. Your style will then keep its shape more easily.” This option can also be useful for avoiding static hair.
On the issue of static hair, bear in mind that this can be improved by using models with ionic technology. “When you use a dryer on your hair, it loses ions. Ionic hairdryers are designed to reintroduce ions to balance your hair and avoid it being static.”
Now we turn our attention to accessories, and nozzles in particular, which can be useful for blow drying. “Choose a narrow concentrator to locate the heat. This is perfect for short or mid-length and fine hair, or for specific work on strands. For long and thick hair, choose a larger one.” Another useful nozzle, essential for curly hair, is the diffuser. It allows the heat to be dispersed while minimizing air flow. “Use the styling mousse beforehand, it speeds up drying and leads to a more natural result.”
Our tip: Before picking up your hair dryer, ensure that your hair is not dripping wet. When you come out of the shower, dry your hair using a towel to remove excess water without rubbing vigorously.
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