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Find out if black hair is right for you!
Find out if black hair is right for you!
Find out if black hair is right for you!
Hair colouring

How should you rock black hair colouring this season?


Do you dream of being a dark-haired beauty? Here is everything you need to know before going for a shade as dark as ebony black.

Who is it suited to ?

Black hair colouring suits all women, whatever their natural hair colour or complexion. Although brunettes can take on this new shade without too much hassle, blondes have to go through a pre-colouring stage to darken their base enough to bring jet black within reach.

Your hair type, however, can pose a problem as this colour should be avoided if you have fine hair. A block colour will only accentuate the flat look to which this hair type is prone.

Plus, you should bear in mind that the only way to get as dark a shade as this is through permanent hair colouring. So it is best not to the plunge unless you are really sure it's the right thing to do. If you do decide to go for it, you should know that it is not easily reversible. Should you want to get back to your natural colour, it will be a long process.

How can you keep your coloured black hair looking good ?

Whatever you do, don't be seen with washed-out or dull black locks ! There is a whole array of treatments specifically designed for coloured hair which are essential for holding onto the intensity of your charcoal locks and making them shiny.

Another downside for those with fair hair: regular touch-ups at the roots are required as when any new hair grows through, a rather unflattering contrast can appear.

Which highlights should you go for ?

To enhance your black locks, revive them with a Gloss treatment which will place a layer of shine over your locks or alternatively, add an array of shades to your black hair colour with a few streaks in blue, purple or red hues. Those are the only colours which will latch onto a colour this dark !

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