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The pros give their verdict on jet-black hair
The pros give their verdict on jet-black hair
The pros give their verdict on jet-black hair

The pros give their verdict on jet-black hair

Black can sometimes seem like a difficult color to wear, especially if it isn’t your natural hair color. However, you simply need to have a better understanding of this statement shade in order to successfully adapt your new hair color. Read on to discover the pros' verdict on jet-black locks.
Black suits all women. ‘Whatever your skin color or hair type, black will suit you perfectly. The only women who should stay away from this shade are those with fine hair as this color can emphasize and worsen the problem, making your hair appear even thinner. If you have thick hair, jet black is a great color choice’.
Before deciding to dye your hair jet black, you first need to know your base color. ‘At your salon appointment, ask your stylist for some professional advice. Jet black requires a fair bit of upkeep and maintenance which many women are not prepared to commit to on a day-to-day basis. You also need to think about what you will realistically be able to do when you tire of the jet black shade’.
It’s not uncommon for women with dyed jet black hair to get bored with their hair color. ‘It’s a gorgeous, deep color which reflects light well, however it can also be considered a depressing color. The ultra-dark, jet black shade can become tiresome and make you look washed out, especially during the long winter months’.
Your eyebrows do not need to be the same color as your new hair color. ‘Dyeing your eyebrows the same shade can be overkill and actually harden your features. Ask your stylist to darken your natural brows by a shade or two, without going for the exact same shade as your hair; especially if you have a very fair complexion!’
Our advice. The more noticeable the contrast between your natural base color and your new jet black shade, the more you will have to think about getting your roots touched up every 6 weeks. Going lighter can have the opposite effect, however with dark hair, your light roots will be much more noticeable and unsightly. If you’re going from blonde to jet black, you will need monthly trips to the salon to keep your hair in top condition.
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