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The best hairstyles for fine hair
The best hairstyles for fine hair

The best hairstyles for fine hair

Not all hairstyles are suited to fine hair-types. In fact, some styles such as super-long hair or hair without layers can worsen the problem. Here are some styles that work well with fine hair, be it long or short…
It’s often thought that shorter styles are better for fine hair. ‘Actually, short styles often leave fine hair looking limp, which is why it’s important to have layers put into your hair if you want it short. This will prevent your roots from going flat. The ideal look for A/W 2013 is a structured bob, a sharp angular bob or even a pixie crop.’
A boyish style also works well for flat hair sufferers. ‘Fine hair looks great cut close to the head and with multiple layers. Whether you decided to keep some strands longer than others or go for an all-over short length, both will do wonders for flat hair. The moment you shorten and layer your hair, you’re guaranteed more volume.’
It’s true that short styles are best suited to fine hair, but don’t totally rule out long styles. ‘Women with long, fine hair need to stay clear of products that will weigh it down. They should also to keep in mind that there are certain styles that will work better than others. A half-up half-down style with a backcombed crown is a great option whilst a high, uber straight ponytail immediately opens up the face.
Our top tip: Aside from the style itself, think carefully about the techniques you use to create your look. Try using a volumizing mousse on frizzy  hair and blow dry with your hairdryer to create body and volume.

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