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Give your black hair a boost with the perfect highlights
Give your black hair a boost with the perfect highlights
Give your black hair a boost with the perfect highlights
Hair colouring

Hair colouring: which highlights suit black hair?


Dark hair in just one shade can make your complexion look washed out. Add a touch of light or some on-trend tones to get the perfect highlights to give your black locks the boost they need.

A brunette balayage for a natural result

Often neglected by women with black hair, lighter streaks are nevertheless ideal for adding depth and illuminating the blackest of locks without completely changing them. To give a shine boost to your deep black locks , ask a hairdresser for a balayage treatment and go one to two tones lighter than your base colour to guarantee a natural, subtle result. Opt for warm shades with hazelnut, chocolate or even chestnut to add iridescent tones. Blended into your hair, these highlights will add depth and allow you to create a wonderful illuminating effect on your locks.

As for technique, you could opt for a classic balayage where the strands are lightened at random, or you could go for hair contouring which focuses on the strands framing the face to brighten up your complexion.

Coloured highlights to add character to your colour

As black is a very deep colour, only "strong" tones such as blue, purple or red stand out well. Golden highlights, for example, will not show in your hair. As a result, opt for a vibrant colour by using a colouring technique which acts as a translucent "veil" to enhance your ebony hair . Choose a shade in keeping with your complexion and eye colour to enhance your base colour with different tones without going wrong. If you have fair skin and light-coloured eyes, opt for bluish colours to enhance your features. However, avoid blue if you have a dark skin tone as your complexion will not suit these cool highlights. Instead, opt for auburn, plum or burgundy shades which tone better with your complexion.

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