How can I keep my short haircut looking good and full of character?

Pixie crops, tomboy styles, bowl haircuts – short haircuts like these are full of character when you leave the salon. However, when you must style it by yourself or as the weeks go by, it can gradually lose its edgy look. Here are three easy ways to solve this problem.

By getting regular trims at the salon

This is without doubt the best way to preserve your short haircut’s character, which as the hair grows, can gradually lose its shape and volume. But how often should you go to the salon? Expect to go every 4 to 6 weeks to get the ends trimmed, thereby keeping that structured, neat look. This is of course an average which will change depending on how fast your hair grows out and the type of cut you have gone for. A short asymmetric bob, for example, requires regular touch-ups. As does a tomboy haircut, because uneven regrowth is quick to look unsightly. Conversely, a pixie crop proves to be much easier to maintain as there are several ways to style it as it grows out .

Are you someone who loves going regularly to the salon to get pampered? No problem then – your short haircut will stay looking its best.

Using products for day-to-day styling

To add extra charm to your short haircuts, you cannot beat a texturizing product to sculpt your locks. Every morning, style your hair using volumizing powder such as Jean Louis David’s Texture Powder, which is perfect for ruffling up your locks and giving them a real boost. You can also add extra shine by using Shine Wax, a smart styling wax which tames frizz to create a slicked-down ultra-glossy feminine look.

By changing hairstyles frequently during regrowth

Have your locks grown by a few centimetres, does your fringe no longer fall in the same way or has your haircut changed? Do not persist in trying to get the same look as when you left the salon. Instead, use the change to shape your locks in a different way. Try out different hairstyles by playing with this season’s on-trend looks. What a great idea! You could have fun creating dual-textured boyish looks to tame uneven locks. Or go for a bold sophisticated slicked-back look to tame all of your hair. Or conversely, a messy-styled rock chick effect to reinvent your haircut. There are endless possibilities to keep your short hair’s character intact!

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