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How often should you be going to the salon?
How often should you be going to the salon?
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How often should you be going to the salon?

It’s sometimes difficult to know exactly how often you should make a salon appointment. How long should you go, for example, between each hair cut or color refresh? The pros explain.
You should be visiting your stylist every 8 weeks to get your ends trimmed. ‘If you have long hair, 8 weeks should be ample. Women with shorter hair, however, should make more regular visits. Whatever your hair length, remember to keep on top of your trims and mark them in your diary. Your hair is exposed to the elements and heated appliances almost every day, meaning damage is inevitable. Dry, split ends are not a good look on anybody’.
In terms of color appointments, it all depends on your individual preference. ‘If you need a root touch-up to conceal those pesky greys, how often you’ll need to see a stylist will depend on the texture and rate of growth. Roots tend to appear around the 4 week mark, however you can sometimes stretch this time to 5 or even 6 weeks. If your hair color is temporary, you’ll need to book in to see your stylist to boost the intensity of your shade. In this case, a Gloss treatment is the ideal solution’.
Contrast highlights need to be maintained every 3-4 months. ‘When opting for contrast highlights, you’ll most likely need to go for a root touch-up at around 4 weeks. Ideally, every 2 months is the perfect time period before booking an appointment for a color refresh, allowing your Contrast highlights to fade naturally’.
Our advice: If you’re looking for a more tailored approach to caring for your colored locks, you can personalise the formula of products within the Colour Therapy range. Whether you use them in salon or at home on a regular basis, you can alter the formula and pigmentation to suit your individual needs.
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