A women's haircut created with hair clippers: the advantages?

No, clipper haircuts are not just for men, fortunately! The proof? The four advantages of this tool which has always been used by Jean Louis David’s stylists.

It makes for super-accurate results…

Hair clippers are good for short unstructured cuts, and also a favoured tool amongst stylists for controlling contours and creating highly on-trend fades to show off something close to a skinhead style for women. They can also be used to put an edgy rock chick slant on a fringe. With its clear-cut outlines, clipping is also good for blunt bobs and bold looks where the tips are cut in a single go for a finish that’s a cut above the rest.

… and it reduces thickness without making your hair lack volume

Its various thinning and tapering attachments allow the hairdresser to create a bespoke haircut according to your hair type, to hold onto twice as much hair as when thinning with a standard razor. A real godsend for gaining volume if you have fine hair!

A quick cutting technique

Maybe you don’t like spending hours in the salon? Clippers are THE solution for cutting and sculpting your hair in the blink of an eye. Perfect for super-quick cuts!

A tool that doesn’t damage the hair fibre

Like scissors, hair clippers do not thin the hair’s cuticle, unlike razors. The result: the hair fibre remains healthy and resilient, allowing you to show off beautiful locks as they grow back!

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