Shaved haircuts: successfully making the transition to long locks

Have you given in to the shaved hair trend, but now want your XXL locks back? Follow our guide on how to successfully make the transition.

Get your haircut evened out

Whether you have an unstructured haircut or a completely shaved head, having ultra-short hair involves a growing-out stage which is very difficult to live with. You will have uneven lengths no matter what, as at first the hair will naturally grow longer at the nape of the neck than at the front. To avoid ending up with a MacGyver-style misshapen haircut and unruly locks which stick out, get the tips trimmed regularly to balance out the haircut. After 4-6 months you can have a pixie crop and after 2-3 years a mid-length bob, before finally being able to show off beautiful long locks once more.

Styling: opt for accessories

To get through the in-between stage, clever styling techniques can prove to be a big help. Opt for floaty hairstyles enhanced with headbands and hairpins to play with your short hair and to conceal any unsightly regrowth. Have you kept a longer section on top? Use it to hide your shaved undercut at the sides. Further on down the line, you can opt for extensions to fake long locks. What’s the mistake to avoid making? Falling into the habit of tying your hair back while waiting for it to reach the desired length. This is because a tight ponytail or having the hair in a chignon all the time can slow down growth.

How can you speed up growth?

There is no magic formula – patience is key when waiting for your hair to grow out. However, there are simple tips for making the waiting time seem shorter. Speed up the process by regularly massaging your scalp with castor oil to improve blood circulation and to stimulate growth. Also, dietary supplements are a solution for gaining a few centimetres more quickly.

Top tip: Take care of your hair to avoid split ends, otherwise you will need it trimmed and lose what you have gained in regrowth.

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