How do you put short hair up in a chignon?

Have you been won over by an on-trend short haircut, but are now stuck as to how to create pretty hairstyles? Here are two techniques for easily putting short locks up in a chignon.

Create a low chignon in short hair

Forget all hopes of creating a top knot with your short hair. You might end up with an unflattering little “palm tree” look on the top of your head. Instead opt for a chignon which adorns the nape of your neck and is more suited to your short locks.

To style it, start by spritzing hairspray all over your hair to give it body, and then backcomb your locks. Next, gently comb your hair towards the back to gather it into a low ponytail, without flattening down the volume created on top. To form the bun, coil your short hair around itself, without overly tightening it, to keep it puffed up. All you need to do now is fix the movement using a few hairpins, making sure you hide the tips under the chignon to finish off the hairstyle.

Create a banana chignon in short hair

To get a rock’n’glamour look and to successfully put your extremely short hair up, the banana chignon-quiff combo is an ideal option.

To create this look, make sure you have a foam donut and prepare your hair with a few spritzes of hairspray. Then mark out a middle parting at the back of your head and form the chignon along the length of it. You can use this as the basis for your chignon and it will create the illusion of more volume. To form the quiff, cover the donut with your hair by gathering sections of your short locks one by one and wrapping them around your accessory. Hold them in place by sticking the hairpins into the donut. A good tip ? Put the hairpin in the opposite way to which your hair grows, as this will ensure that your hairstyle holds. As a finishing touch, use some styling wax to sweep any fine wisps of hair to the back.

Good to know: are the strands framing your face too layered to tie back? Play with them to add movement to the hairstyle!

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