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How to use hair pins
How to use hair pins

How to use hair pins

Hair pins are essential for most hairstyles. However, it's often difficult to know which ones to choose. Which shape should you go for? Which hairstyles do they work with? We tell you all you need to know.
"Hair pins come in two different forms: flat and serrated. The serrated side of the hair pin is always on top. All types are used in the same way but serrated hair pins tend to hold better, so these tend to be the best choice. For a classic ballerina bun, for example, use serrated hair pins to hold the base in place and the other type for the other sections". Choose the size to suit your hair type and the amount of hair you want to hold in the hair pin. The longer and thicker the hair, the bigger the hair pin will be. And vice versa.
It's not always easy to get hair pins to stay in place. "You have to just go for it, and in the end it’s very quick. Pick sections then place the pins facing the opposite way to hold the hair at the roots".
Hair pins aren't just for chignons. "Hair pins can also be used as an alternative to curling tongs when you want to curl your hair. This is the technique that studio stylists use. Take the hair pin, twist it, squeeze it around a thin section then heat with straighteners for optimum results. Hair pins replace the curl paper that used to be used to create this type of curl." So hair pins can also be used for styling, not just holding hair in place. They are also used as an accessory to enhance hairstyles.
Our tip: Always buy hair pins with plastic ends. Hair pins without plastic ends are painful to use. And they can also end up damaging hair.
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