The most attractive Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 haircuts

Short haircuts for women are all the rage this season. Do you want to make the most of this trend to say goodbye to your long locks? Here are three hot haircuts to go from long to short without regretting it one iota!

The pudding bowl cut

Remember the haircut which was all the rage in the 60’s and then in the 90’s? The unisex hairstyle which you adopted (perhaps not of your own accord) as a child and with which you have still not made your peace? Yes, you’ve guessed it: the pudding bowl cut. Did you think you’d never see it again? Surprise! The pudding bowl cut is making a huge comeback on the hairdressing scene. It’s the perfect time to make your peace with your fringe, which determines the length of the rest of your hair and is extended around the sides, as well as at the nape of the neck with layers. Say goodbye to gawky helmet hair by giving the bowl cut a new twist, for example with the bold pudding bowl cut from Jean Louis David’s new collection. Boosted by the round voluminous effect, it is still full of style. Go for this look without a moment’s hesitation – it can get different looks by being styled in multiple ways.

The short bob

A must-have hairstyle for several seasons due to its many variations, the timeless bob haircut is worn this season with a vintage twist. Short and straight, the bob is structured, with jaw-length and sometimes even ear-length locks. Its clear-cut outline is ideal for adding character to your face. Also dare to try and combine the bob with a fringe to make your eyes stand out and to add extra style to your haircut.

The boyish haircut

This season, short hair is playing with masculine-feminine trends for an androgynous style. A boyish haircut which comes in any number of different versions depending on your desired look. With straight hair and a side part, ultra-sleek and with an asymmetrical fringe, slicked down or with a quiff, it allows you to change your look to match your mood. At Jean Louis David, ask for the tomboy haircut, the boyish look at the heart of the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 Iconic collection. Easy to style, it saves you time in the mornings. However, regular upkeep at the salon is required to ensure that this short haircut’s character stays intact.

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