Women: which short haircuts work with curly hair?

You no longer need straight hair to go for a short haircut, provided that you respect your curls! Here are 3 (good) haircut ideas specifically for curly hair.

The layered short bob

This is the ideal option for getting your hair cut short whilst showing off your curls to the max. Whatever you do, don’t go for a radical short cut all in one go. Instead get hairdresser to work with different lengths to give you a personalised bob tailored to you and your curls. By layering your locks sparingly, it restores your curls’ bounce without giving you uncontrollable volume. A bob with blended contours will first and foremost soften square jaws, and it will also give you a more feminine look.

The tomboy cut

With waves putting a twist on short locks, this masculine-feminine look is ultra-sexy! With a blunt cut all over your hair will require less treatments, but more regular trims at the salon. Once you have taken the plunge, you could even go for an ultra-short, almost shaved style, for a look which is just as fetching!

The pixie cut

With its layered sides and nape of the neck and a few shorter locks on top, the pixie crop is the perfect compromise for showcasing your curls without having lots of volume. It plays with your hair’s lengths to tame frizz without going against your hair type. This gives you crazy amounts of charm, with your natural thinned-out waves cascading over your forehead and temples for a completely irresistible style!

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