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Learn how to use styling powder
Learn how to use styling powder
Learn how to use styling powder

Texturizing powder: how to choose the right product and apply it


Popular amongst professionals for adding volume to fine hair or fixing hairstyles in place, texturizing powder is a must-have product for your bathroom. Read on for tips on how to choose the right product and how to apply it correctly.

Texturizing powders, such as Jean Louis David's Texture Powder are designed to:

- lift your hair at the roots and give body to the lengths to boost your hair's volume

- to style a short haircut in the blink of an eye

Good news, they're effective on all hair types, from the straightest locks to the curliest.

Which product should you go for?

Choose your texturizing powder according to your hair type and the desired effect.

To boost volume

To give body to fine hair, opt for an ultra-fine powder which will lift the hair at the roots and coat the hair fibre without weighing it down or giving it a stiff look. If your hair is extremely fine, opt instead for a "thickening" formula which will make your locks look thicker. If you have greasy roots, choose a product rich in silica or based on rice powder to absorb the excess sebum and reduce that oily shine.

To hold a hairstyle in place

More than the type of powder, it is the "hold" rating (the number indicated on the product) that matters. Choose the lowest (1, 2) to style a short haircut for a more natural finish and the highest (4) to get a chignon to hold.

How do you apply it?

To dry hair, sprinkle the powder directly onto your scalp by lifting a few strands to avoid your hair's natural parting. Another option: shake a small amount of the product into the palm of your hand before applying it evenly with your fingers. Then massage your scalp to blend in any excess. This allows the micro-particles to properly spread out. Then, scrunch your hair at the roots to add volume to your hair. Finish off the style with a comb for a more sophisticated effect, and that's all there is to it!

Good to know: Texturizing powder is often confused with dry shampoo, which freshens up your hair between hairwashes.

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