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Boost your look with these new colouring and styling effects by Jean Louis David
Boost your look with these new colouring and styling effects by Jean Louis David
Boost your look with these new colouring and styling effects by Jean Louis David
Autumn-Winter collection

New on trend effects for Autumn-Winter 2017-2018


This season, styling and colouring effects are adding style to the haircuts from the new Jean Louis David iconic collection. How? By creating contrast and playing with textures. Find out which ones you should go for this season, for either long or short hair.

The multi-textured look

To transform the new layered look in long hair, Jean Louis David suggests you experiment with styling products. The idea? To play with different textures, matt and shiny, to add depth to the haircut for a feminine rock chick style.

To do this, the tips as well as a few of the lengths are worked with using Texture Powder, a volumising powder which gives body to your hair. Your locks are then backcombed and crimped to create a matt, almost frizzy, messy-styled look. To add contrast, curling tongs are used on the rest of your lengths to create soft and silky curls which are then fixed using Fix Spray, giving a glossy varnished effect for optimum shine.

Glossy straightening

Whether it is to enhance the volume of the Iconic collection's graphic bowl cut or, contrarily, to show off the beauty of a perfectly tamed and straightened layered cut in short hair using a flat brush, straightening is going ultra-glossy this season.

To add extra shine to your locks you have two options: use Shine Spray to add a subtle shine boost to your hair when styling. Alternatively, use Liss Therapy Long-Lasting Smoothing Mist which acts as a varnish on your hair.

Messy-styled curls

This season, at Jean Louis David, waves are getting a rebellious look. In short hair, they are being created in all directions with large diameter curling tongs. In long hair, locks are being curled with a round brush to create relaxed soft curls. In both cases, curls are being finger styled for a deliberately messy look, adding movement and a rocky touch to hairstyles.

Coloured layers

Jean Louis David is opting for colouring techniques with an array of shades. To do this, hair is being coloured with slightly darker tones at the roots, gradually getting lighter towards the tips. With this technique, the colour gains in depth and light.

Washed out colour

This is a new look from the Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 collection! The washed-out effect is made possible using a new exclusive Jean Louis David technique called Contrast Color. It creates a patina on your locks in the centre to add depth to your hair and to blend in highlights without any distinct demarcations. The result: a rock-chick washed-out effect which has never been so easy to wear.

Scrunched locks

The wavy locks of summer are being extended into autumn-winter. However, this season, forget waves created using your curling tongs and say hello to rebellious locks with extra texture due to a scrunched look, inspired by the 'just back from the beach' effect.

To add shape to wavy hair created using curling tongs, simply apply a few squirts of Curl Therapy treatment to prepare your locks to be scrunched strand by strand using your fingers.

The elaborate front section

This season, the short Jean Louis David haircuts are getting an elaborate fringe-front section. Used like a hair accessory, they are being styled with a quiff or with notched waves. To showcase this section, the sides of the hairstyle are being slicked down.

A two-step hairstyle 1. Fix your locks either side of your face using Design gel, a flexible long-hold gel. 2. Then slick down your locks on the sides and use a hairdryer to help you form the quiff or go for notched waves to get a rebellious look.

The glossy slicked-back look for men

For gentlemen, the current trend is having slicked-down locks to get a modern dandy look.

To create this slicked-back glossy effect, short haircuts are worked with using Shine Wax, a styling wax which tames the strands, even the most unruly ones. It fixes the desired movement for long periods, whilst adding a gloss effect to your hair for maximum shine.

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by Jean Louis David

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