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Hair colouring trend: everything you need to know about strawberry blond

We’ve all heard of caramel blond, platinum and ash blond which have been in vogue for several seasons. Now, we can also count on strawberry blond: the must-have colour of the moment! We take a closer look at this trend which has every chance of making you fall in love with it.

What is strawberry blond?

Above all, it’s a blond hair colouring which is somewhere between Californian blond and auburn. It is characterised by warm golden and copper highlights which are verging on pink. Even though its name might make you think it would be overly bright and fluorescent, it’s nothing of the sort! To create this colour, your hairdresser will preferably apply highlights. The streaks created should look discreet and natural. However, you could also opt for full coverage to give maximum character to your hair.

Who is strawberry blond for?

Ideally, bases which are already light. This hair colouring is remarkable for warming up blond, chestnut or red hair in a subtle way. Careful, the final result will always vary depending on your initial hair colour. Furthermore, if you have brown hair and you want to try strawberry blond, it’s possible but inadvisable. Becoming blond requires several bleachings which will damage your hair’s vitality.

Strawberry blond, for what style and which effects?

Strawberry blond is luminous, original and sophisticated at the same time. It is made for you if you wish to stand out, whilst still looking elegant. Also, it’s highly on trend this season and many celebrities have adopted this colour. It will therefore instantly give a stylish touch to your look. Finally, it’s best for illuminating your face, notably if you have a pale complexion.

How can you take care of your coloured hair?

At home, adopt the entire Color Therapy regime. By doing that, you will also preserve your hair’s health, as well as your colour’s radiance. Once a month, also wash your hair with anti-yellowing shampoo, such as Silver Therapy. This shampoo will allow you to keep your blond hair looking luminous. Finally, visit your salon roughly every 4 to 6 weeks. Your hairdresser will carry out any necessary touch-ups, so you can show off a radiant colour which is full of vitality long term.

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