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Hair colouring

Hair colouring: fluorescent glow-in-the-dark locks

Bright and multi-coloured hair can now glow in the dark. We take a closer look at glow-in-the-dark hair colouring trend which is taking social networks by storm.

Still relatively unheard of in France, glow-in-the-dark hair is a new hair colouring trend which will light up your locks with all the colours of the rainbow… And will make you glow in the dark. Fans of brightly coloured locks are bound to be delighted as there is a whole range of shades available to make you stand out for the evening.

Go with the trend

These almost supernatural neon strands come in 6 vibrant rainbow shades allowing you to go with the glow-in-the-dark hair trend in several different ways. Using the same techniques as a standard colouring treatment, you can either go for block colour, tie-dye or an ombré effect depending on your desired look. This trend is perfect fo fans of extreme colours!

A two-stage technique

Unless you naturally have platinum blond hair, you will most certainly have to get your hair bleached at least once to get these fluorescent locks. In fact, so that the colour does not alter and for optimum results, these neon shades made up of phosphorescent agents should be applied to a very light, even white base. This is a harsh process and not advisable on dark, fine or weak hair.

If you decide to go with this trend all the same, enlist a professional colourist.

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