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Are you tempted to try out green or blue hair?
Are you tempted to try out green or blue hair?
Are you tempted to try out green or blue hair?
Hair colouring

[Instahair] A closer look at the extreme hair colour trend


Blond, mousey, brunette, grey... You are fed up of all these ordinary hair colours. You want a change, a real hair revolution. It just so happens that we have spotted some colourful examples on Instagram accounts! Perhaps this is the great source of inspiration you have been looking for?

All the colours of the rainbow

Purple, green, pink... Why choose one colour when you can have them all! Then, of course, you have to try out a multitude of different clothing combinations to go with your new look... And why not? If you're tempted by these colours, be patient and enlist a professional for your hair colour. A home-dyed rainbow effect really is a terrible idea!

Deep blue waves

T w i s t & t u c k

Une photo publie par CONTINUUM (@hairbycontinuum) le

Are you a mermaid in the eyes of your partner? To really blow him away, plunge your hair into the turquoise blue of the southern seas. Admittedly, not a suitable choice for every workplace. To get an even shade, you need to fully bleach your hair and have it coloured in the salon for optimum results. Tip: see what your partner thinks before you try it out.

Purple hair

Do you want to express your new age side with candles, floral headbands and hair that sees life through rose-tinted glasses? These peace and love layers are made for you! To create this look, do not go it alone. You will need the skills of a professional to get a tie-dye effect that looks right, especially with extreme colours.

Completely ablaze

For girls who are burning with enthusiasm, no need to hesitate. You should have a hairstyle to match your passionate character. Why not try an array of orange hues highlighted with fuchsia, yellow and red? But careful, if you decide to take the plunge, you should know that this multi-coloured tie-dye effect will not suit run-of-the-mill hairstyles. You should combine it with eccentric styles to match... Why not try experimenting with some tutorials?

Double trouble

This is the ideal hairstyle for twins and people with split personalities. Depending on the side you look at in the mirror, you get a whole new look. As for patriots, on the 14th July, you can go for red, white and blue! However, to create this daring and fun look, you must fully bleach your hair. This unfortunately entails some serious upkeep, treatments and noticeable roots... Heavy duty.

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