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Hair colouring

Color trends: how can I discover what they are?

When it comes to color, new trends appear every season. To see them a bit more clearly, we have broken down 3 of the most well-known techniques for you. Discover the one which suits you the best!


The technique. This is partial or temporary coloring where certain areas of your hair are lightened. To get it done in a Jean Louis David salon, ask for a Contrast treatment. This will be customized according to your cut and your base color. It is applied with a brush to get a highly natural result.

Who is it for? Those who wish to highlight their hair in a light and concentrated way. It gives your hair depth by giving it an immediate sun-kissed effect. Your Contrast will perfectly highlight strands of hair, your hair’s movement or a fringe. Once it has been done, go to see your hairdresser every three months for any touch ups around the roots.

The Tie-Dye

The technique. At Jean Louis David, this is equivalent to having a Sunlight treatment. It consists of lightening your hair from half way down to the tips. Your roots are left natural and are therefore darker. The demarcation of your tie-dye will depend on your desired effect: your hair will be enhanced by discreet highlights or conversely two-tone for example dark brown and golden blonde.

Who is it for? Those who want to add light into their hair and those who love leaving their hair down. In fact, leaving it loose allows you to see all of the work that has been done on it. Furthermore, this technique is recommended for mid-length to long hair to perfectly highlight the movement and tones created.

Ombre Hair

The technique. Even though it is often confused with its cousin, the tie-dye, it is still a separate coloring technique. Your hair is illuminated by a gradation of colors from the darkest at the roots to the lightest at the tips. The lengths are also colored with a tone which is half way between to create an even transition and a natural finish.

Who is it for? You will be hooked on this style if you are a fan of coloring which is light, discreet and at the same time 100% personalized. Ombre hair adapts to all textures and hair colors. However, it is also recommended for mid-length to long hair, ideal for showing off the beautiful color transitions.

How do I maintain my color?

If you have recently succumbed to getting one of these hair trends, adopt the Color Therapy range to pamper your colored hair. Two to three times a week, wash it with Color Intense shampoo. Finally, once a week: apply the Deep Color mask and allow it to soak into damp hair. This hair regime will boost your color’s radiance by preserving your hair’s vitality.

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