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 How can you get your waves to hold whilst wearing a panama hat?
How can you get your waves to hold whilst wearing a panama hat?
How can you get your waves to hold whilst wearing a panama hat?

Wearing a panama hat with wavy locks


Keeping your hair well styled whilst wearing a hat is sometimes quite a tall order, so take a look at the following tips on how to wear your panama hat without ruining your wavy locks.

Give your waves a puffed-up look

The idea is to create maximum volume on top of the hairstyle to compensate for the weight of the panama hat, which has a tendency to leave your hair looking limp and lifeless. Start by backcombing your hair at the roots before creating waves with curling tongs. A tip from the professionals? Apply a few spritzes of dry shampoo to keep any excess sebum under control and to keep your hair puffed up all day long.

Choose your styling product wisely

For your waves to stay intact, you must hold them in place. However, some styling products are not suitable for coupling with a hat. Avoid gels and mousses at all costs which will create a wet hair effect and will even break up the waves when your scalp sweats under your panama. Instead, opt for a low hold hairspray and apply it sparingly so as to avoid holding any unwanted movement in your hair. Our advice: leave the hairspray to properly dry before putting on a hat. Alternatively, use a salt water spray, such as Beach Spray, to scrunch your locks with your hands and to get a messy wavy effect . As a result, any hair mishaps will go unnoticed and you will not need any additional product to hold the waves in place.

How should you wear your panama?

To say goodbye to any marks left on your hair or head from wearing a hat, you must put it on properly. Do not pull it down too tightly on your head. This will flatten down your hair and leave kinks in it. A hat worn firmly pressed down on your head will create a "sauna" effect for your scalp, increasing the risk of greasy roots. Instead, place your panama hat on gently without pressing down too hard!

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