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The strict chignon bun
The strict chignon bun
The strict chignon bun

The strict chignon bun

This season, chignons are getting higher and higher for hairstyles full of volume. A sort of reinvented chignon bun for a more severe result, reserved for special occasions.
Casual vs smart. The chignon bun needs no introduction. This volume-boosted chignon sits high and mighty on the top of your head and many of you quickly started wearing it for its original, casual yet chic feel. The only must for this chignon is long hair for an incredible result. Over time, this style has gradually revealed its wild side and there are now more dishevelled versions to choose from a for a full-on neo-grunge style. For this spring-summer 2013, the chignon has grown and become radically chic.
How to create the strict bun chignon. Forget the bun chignon’s sometimes willy-nilly side. For a chic result, it needs to be ultra-neat and structured. For a perfect chignon base, brush your hair. Then backcomb slightly at the roots for a bit of volume to avoid it looking too flat. Then tie your hair into a high ponytail. Next, take a hair donut to boost the volume of your chignon. Thread your hair through the donut then backcomb your mid-lengths for a bit of texture; the chignon bun tends to be flat. Then cover the donut with your hair and twist your ends neatly around it. Secure by sliding hair pins into your chignon so that they’re not visible. Finally, don’t forget to fix it all in place with hairspray.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO