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The retro quiff
The retro quiff
The retro quiff

The retro quiff

We can’t get enough of the quiff. The quiff adds a touch of rock to any style, an extra twist to the most innocent of looks or gives us an irresistible retro edge. The quiff is a great way of customising a style, and we love it! And it’s so easy to create. Here’s a demonstration with the retro quiff.

Why the quiff? Because it’s easy to do, it boosts any hairstyle, looks great with every look, can be accessorised and is a great solution when you’re growing out your fringe. No frills, no fuss!

Wearing the retro quiff. The quiff is a major feature in 50s and 60s styles for resolutely glamorous and timeless hair. It should preferably be worn on mid-length or long hair, up or down. If you want to reveal the back of your neck, pull your hair back into a low ballerina bun, leaving a thick piece of hair out at the front for your quiff. On hair down, like at Karen Walker, the quiff is worn full of body while the rest of the hair is straightened to the extreme and smoothed down at the sides. Another option is glamorous fifties waves with a looser version of the quiff.

Creating the quiff. Select a large piece of hair from the front section of the top of your head, about the width of your forehead. Hold it up in the air with one hand and backcomb with the other by pulling your hair towards your roots with a comb to give it lots of volume. Backcomb on the inside of your hair so that you can’t see it. Pull your quiff back and spray with hairspray to make sure it lasts. Then fix in place using hair grips.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO