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50s hairstyles
50s hairstyles
50s hairstyles

50s hairstyles

The Hollywood stars of the 1950s catapulted a number of hairstyles, colours and hair accessories to fame, many of which are copied and adored by you today! Here are some of those essential 50s hairstyles.

Sculpted curls. This has got to be the 50s’ signature style. A Hollywood hairstyle that is forever being copied by us mere mortals. Marilyn Monroe-style curls worn on a bob or mid-length hair. And if you have blonde hair it’ll look even more 50s!

The veiled hat. This little piece of see-through lace or tulle fabric was worn attached to the hats of the most elegant French ladies of the 1950s. Brimming with sophistication, today this hat is perfect for special occasions such as weddings.

Vintage waves. Waves first appeared in the 1920s but were revived in the 1950s. More subtle than before and worn on mid-length or long hair (short vintage waves were more 1920s). Accentuate the movement on the front pieces or work the femme fatale look by smoothing down waved sections on one side.

The French twist. Borrowed from Grace Kelly! This glamorous chignon is chiccer than chic and enjoys heaps of volume on top. Before creating your twist, start by backcombing the hair at the top of your head then pull into a chignon. Spray a generous layer of hairspray for a perfect hold.

Platinum blonde. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were the icons of this fairy-tale colour. A glamorous shade which provides an instant femme fatale effect and inspired many women to try out hair colouring.

The tomboy cut. In answer to these Hitchcock beauties comes a whole other vision of the woman. More emancipated, more tomboy and with a more masculine haircut, just like Audrey Hepburn. A very short cut which reveals the nape of the neck without sacrificing femininity.

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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO